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Cal Men's Basketball 2nd Scrimmage Highlights

Cal basketball released another youtube video of highlights from yesterday's scrimmage. It was their final tune-up before leaving on their Euro tour. Check back here at CGB on Monday morning at 10am for coverage of their first game against the Swedish club team, Upsala Basket. After the jump, more insta-analysis:


Justin Cobbs: Shows a smooth stroke from downtown. Also the ability to hit the pull up in the lane. Dangerous on the break. It's been a while since we've had a point guard who could throw it down with authority. Did throw a lazy pass, but looks very poised and confident on the court. He seems to be be able to get wherever he wants and has a solid mid-range game.

Jorge: Mr. Automatic coming off the curl? No hesitation in his shot. Mechanics look better. Smoother, no hitch and no lean.

Allen Crabbe: Straight dope money shooting the ball. Love the old-school move to free himself.

Brandon Smith: Showing confidence in a pull-up step-back jumper. Could really add a dimension to his game if guys can't just play off of him.

Emerson Murray: Nifty steal from anticipation, but probably needs to stay home more with his feet. Looks like he worked hard during the off-season - his jumper looks to be much improved.

David Kravish: Knows how to move without the ball and where to be on the court. Doesn't look lost. Shows a nice touch from the outside.

Robert Thurman: Nice footwork in the post. Looks like he's moving better. Active. His size could be a really nice addition to the rotation this year.

Jeff Powers: Stroke a long ball. It's on defense where he'll need to improve if he's going to see the court.

Richard Solomon: Beastly in transition. Showing signs of having an back to basket post game - although his footwork is still a bit mechanical. Actually draine

Avinash Kunnath:

I was pretty sure of it earlier. Now I'm certain that Cobbs is starting at point guard this year. Smith will be a great bench player though, and it should be a role he'll accept gracefully.

The pleasant surprise is Murray. He is very confident in that jumper, even on pull-ups and stepbacks off the dribble. He's still a bit too slow on defense, even though he had that nice steal on a lazy pass by Cobbs.

Never thought I'd ever compare Gutierrez's game to Ray Allen's, but there he is running off screens and pindowns, taking and making wide open mid-range jumpers.

Solomon in the post! Unfortunately, it's mostly against Bak, so Solomon just kept on backing him down until he laid it in softly. Bak stumbles out of one play as well. It'll be interesting to see what role he comes up with this year.

Kravish knows where to go on the floor on offense, and that's really all you can ask of a underrated frosh big.

I somehow doubt Thurman will be a victory cigar this year; he actually had some good-looking post moves. Welcome to Monty's Big Reclamation Project #1.

Crabbe with the Dream Shake. I love the Dream Shake.