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Golden Nuggets: Cal Freshman Safety Avery Walls Will Likely Play as a True Freshman

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While Chris McCain continues to shine in practice,  Avery Walls is also making a case to earn a spot on the two-deep.  Check out the rest of the lengthy report for coverage on every aspect of Wednesday's practice.  Unfortunately, this marks the end of the open practices.

Another standout on the defensive side was freshman safety Avery Walls, who joined fellow US Army All-American McClure in running with the top two defensive units.

"I wasn't 100-percent, body-wise, just recovering and everything, just some soreness, dings and nicks, but we have to come up here fired up and I was pretty fired up today," Walls said. "I didn't have too many things thrown my way, but I always have to be on alert. Who knows what they'll be running at me tomorrow? I might have 20 iso plays, 20 power plays run straight at me, so I always have to be ready.

"I'm always pumped up, fired up to be in. I joke around with everybody; I know I'm small, but I'm big at heart, and I'm just a physical person -- I actually kind of want to play linebacker. I love hitting tight ends. They're always trying to block me when I'm running in there to make a tackle on the run, so when they're in my zone in the secondary, they're in my house, so I've got to keep them out, throw them out the door."

Walls had started camp seeing a lot of time on special teams, and was recognized by Tedford as being a factor on the unit. A four-star safety and a US Army All-American, Walls has a very prominent competitive streak, and before long, could very well make the jump from special teams standout to defensive mainstay. 

"Actually, all the great players you hear about in the NFL, the ones that always have long careers always play special teams. I know a lot of coaches stress that here," Walls said. "Being on special teams shows off your speed, physicality, mental toughness, and I'm trying to take any avenue I can to be on the field. If special teams is one that I can do, then I'm perfectly fine with that. I love the stuff that they're putting me at, anyway, so I'm enjoying it."

After the jump the Sagarin Ratings pump the Cal sunshine, the defense continues to excel at practice, and Monty prepares to take his team through Europe.


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