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Cal Football At Bay Area Media Day: Keenan Allen On Defense?

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John Breech of CBS Sports and Ryan Gorcey of Bear Territory were at Bay Area Media Day today, and Jeff Tedford was unusually talkative again. It's starting to freak me out how talkative he's been this year.

The biggest announcement came regarding Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen, who might very well be playing both ways this year. Tedford was open to the idea, although he made it clear it was just an idea. Frankly, Allen can play either wide receiver or defensive back at a high level. He could be really useful as an additional defensive back in nickel/dime packages. But I would be surprised if Allen plays any more than a handful of snaps at the position. It could very well depend on the opponent and whether Allen's all-around athleticism is needed. Robert Woods vs. Keenan Allen does have a bit of a ring to it.

After the jump, more news, including how many plays Tedford will call this year. And something about white helmets. I can't imagine you being interested in that.