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Golden Nuggets: NLCS Could Move Cal-USC Game to Candlestick or Oakland Coliseum

If the San Francisco Giants go on another deep playoff run, the Cal-USC game could be moved to another location.  Tedford spoke about the issue at today's NYC Pac-12 Media Day.

"If the Giants go deep into the playoffs," Cal coach Jeff Tedford told me Thursday on the ESPNU College Football Podcast, "there could be a couple of games there that could overlap. That would be an interesting problem to have at that point.

Actually, the USC game is the only one at issue, thanks to the stylings of Milwaukee first baseman Prince Fielder. Utah is scheduled to play at Cal on Saturday, Oct. 22. That’s the day of Game 3 of the World Series. Since the National League, fueled by Fielder’s three-run homer, won the All-Star Game, 5-1, Game 3 will be played in the park of the American League champion.

"We are currently working with all of the alternative facilities (Candlestick Park and Oakland Coliseum) to secure a backup in case of a conflict," Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour said in an email reply.

The site of the NLCS games won’t be known until the two teams are determined, because home-field advantage is based on regular-season records. So Cal must prepare a contingency. It would make Tedford’s life easier if the Giants failed to hold their three-game lead over Arizona, right? Tedford all but blanched.

"No, no, no," he said. "I am actually a Giant fan, so no, I do not root against them. I’m happy when they’re successful because that puts everybody in a good mood in the Bay Area."

After the jump several Bears join the NFL as free agents, the Pac-12 announces seven new networks, and everyone and their mothers report from the Pac-12 Media Tour. Whatabonanza!