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Cal-Colorado To Kickoff at 12:30 PM PT/3:30 PM ET, (The Worst Kind Of) National Telecast Likely

TV has not been announced yet, but the Colorado AD believes that the game will be on national TV.

Nevada-Oregon is slated for this slot on FX, and there is no available slot on FSN HD for that time as far as I know. There are a few possibilities.

  • Cal-Colorado could be broadcast nationally on FCS Pacific (which will be Colorado's home for most of its football games next season), and potentially a distribution deal could be worked out where Cal fans in the Bay Area could watch the game on CSN California.
  • Cal-Colorado could also be broadcast locally in both markets: CSN California for the Bears, FSN/Root for the Buffs. This would remove the national telecast slate though.
  • Cal-Colorado could be broadcast on FCS Pacific exclusively if there are present TV conflicts or if there are exclusivity rights to this kind of FCS Pacific telecast (I don't recall any such thing occurring in the past, but who knows), which would be similar to last season's Cal-Oregon State game. This would suck, suck, suck, because FCS Pacific is a channel that almost no one gets unless you have fancy sports packages.

The only potential time conflict would be with the Oakland Athletics (CSN California is the official home for As baseball), and they play at 5:05 PM PT on September 10th. There's a decent likelihood that Cal-Colorado will join Cal-Fresno State in being distributed on CSN California, ensuring that both games get televised.