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Golden Nuggets: A Cal Fan's Worst Nightmare

WSUFootballBlog went through each Pac-12 team's schedule and predicted the wins and losses.  It's an ugly year for the Bears who win only two games...and an even uglier year across the Bay, where the 11-1 Lobsterbacks go to the Rose Bowl.  So, Cal fans, can you envision a season worse than this?  (At least we beat Oregon State, right?).


Fresno State: Loss

@Colorado: Loss

Presbyterian: Win

@UW: Loss

@Oregon: Loss

USC: Loss

Utah: Loss

@UCLA: Loss

Washington State: Loss

Oregon State: Win

@Stanford: Loss

@ASU: Loss

After the jump Ted Miller previews the hot topics at Media Day, Alex Morgan makes the US proud, and our buddies at Building the Dam predict a fifth-place finish for the Bears.

So far, it appears to be the Year of the Bear.  Check out BearTerritory's recap of all of Cal Athletics' impressive accomplishments this year.