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Golden Nuggets: A Look at the Cost of Cal's Scouting Services

Love him or hate him, Jon Wilner obtains some of the most interesting facts and stories during the doldrums of the offseason.  Some of the details unveiled during the Willie Lyles extravaganza is just how much the team has spent on scouting services over the past three years: a total of $46,766.

*** Cal also provided a list of scouting services it has used in recent years, with the costs:

$6,250 for NorCal Football Scouting (July 1, 2008)
$10,000 for Elite Scouting Service (Jan. 26, 2009)
$15,850 Scouting Evaluation Association (Nov. 18, 2009)
$6,296 Collegiate Sports Data (Jan. 13, 2010)
$2,875 Scouting Evaluation Association (March 10, 2010)
$5,000 Complete Scouting Services (March 23, 2010)
$495 Tom Lemming’s Prep Football Report (July 20, 2010)

*** For anyone who follows Pac-12 football … it’s difficult to follow the developments in Berkeley and not compare/contrast them with the situation in Eugene.

Yes, Cal paid $5,000 for what seems to be updated material, while Oregon paid $25,000 for outdated material.

Yes, Cal coach Jeff Tedford talked specifics about Lyles on the record — and AD Sandy Barbour addressed the NCAA situation — while Chip Kelly has borrowed Agent 86’s cone of silence.

That doesn’t mean Cal’s in the clear by any stretch. But if you’re a Cal fan who wants to believe the Bears have done nothing wrong, they’ve responded the way you’d hope they would respond.

After the jump Aaron Rodgers participates in the annual Tahoe celebrity gold tournament.