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Golden Recruiting Wire: Kline to Treggs Coming Soon to Memorial Stadium

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Verbal commits are marked w/ (Cal)

July 14, 2011


Tedford & Company


  • Bryce Treggs, WR (Cal) St John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) verbal commitment quotables (image via 6 Magazine):

Treggs has formed a strong bond with young, personable Cal wide receivers coach Eric Kiesau, and cemented that bond during the Bears' recent three-day full-contact camp, which he attended with Kline. The biggest reason that Treggs finally decided to pull the trigger, in fact, came down to coaching.

"It was honestly when I took that visit up there for the full-contact camp," Treggs said. "The relationship that I built with coach Kiesau, he's a great coach, and I can definitely see myself playing for him. I like his coaching style, I just like everything about him. We have a great relationship [1]."

If the name Treggs sounds familiar, it's no surprise, with Treggs' father Brian being an all-time favorite of many Cal fans, who followed the tough and talented senior Treggs' exploits at Cal from '88-91, where he compiled 167 passes in the Blue and Gold. 

"We're extremely excited about the opportunity that Bryce has before him with regards to getting a great education from a top institution like the University of California," said the senior Treggs.

"As a father, I'm extremely excited and proud. It's a proud moment for me and a proud moment for our family. But most importantly, it's a proud moment for Bryce and for all the hard work he put in. A lot of people don't see all the hard work and all the time spent and the pressures they're under, all for the love of the game [2].

The 5-foot-11, 170-pounder receiver from Bellflower (Calif.) Saint John Bosco High School is close friends with Cal quarterback commitment Zach Kline (Danville, Calif./San Ramone Valley) "Really, really, really close," Kline said. "He's a good dude."

Said Treggs, "We're real good friends. We played in a seven-on-seven tournament together. He hit me up on Facebook. Ever since then, the chemistry's been there and we're really good friends. We always stay in touch [3]."

With Kline and Treggs officially headed to the same school next year, the two have already turned their sights on adding more pieces to the Golden Bears' recruiting class.

"Christo Kourtzidis, he's a good dude," Kline said. "I'm still trying to get Taylor McNamara, Kenny Walker -- he's a stud. Those guys and Cedric Dozier, that will be an unstoppable team. I'm really excited  about this recruiting class. Should be one of the best in the nation for sure."

Despite being a commit to the school for only a few hours, Treggs had no problem joining his future quarterback in spreading the word about what is going on in Berkeley.

"I'm trying to get Shaq Thompson and some of the other DBs I see out here," Treggs said. "I'm still doing a little scouting [4]."

  • Zach Kline, QB (Cal) San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA) was all about helping each other improve:

    "I'm a big Zach Kline fan," said Nike's Matt James, who will coach Alpha Speed [7on7 team @ The Opening]. "I think he brings a lot of intangibles to the game.

    "He's got good feet. He's got a big, strong arm, almost sometimes too strong of an arm. Want him to be able to learn to be a pitcher and not just a thrower sometimes."

    James said Kline had shown some "happy feet" at times in the pocket during workouts this week, but his physical skills and decision-making won out.

    While Kline was being deemed the best, he was working with a fellow teammate, giving him tips on passing technique.

    "The players kind of rally around him," said James, his new coach. "He's got that energy and charisma to him."

    Kline said while the camp is competitive, it isn't about competition. It is about helping each other improve.

    "It's not who's starting, who's the No. 1 guy, who's the No. 2 guy," he said. "I know I'm good and I know what I can do. I have no problem helping guys out. You have to have character on and off the field [5]."

  • Zach Banner, OT Lakes (Lakewood, CA) has Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Cal, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, and USC as his leaders:

    Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes four-star offensive lineman Zach Banner seems to be getting used to his celebrity -- even if he may exaggerate it a bit.

    The ESPN 150 prospect, who is the No. 18 offensive tackle in the nation, was not surprised or bothered when some fellow offensive linemen gave him a hard time about his elite standing.

    "They were joking around," Banner said with a sly grin. "But I have that sort of celebrity."

    If Banner was joking, it was hard to tell. He seems to be enjoying the recruiting process. He is currently considering Alabama, Florida State, Louisiana State, California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma and Southern California.

    With his self-proclaimed, Shaquille O'Neal-like celebrity, is being a Trojan in Los Angeles the right place for him?

    "There ya go," he said, then paused. "I'm only kidding."

    The 305-pound Banner, who is 6-10 with cleats on, knows that the joking with his teammates stops when he gets on the field.

    "Because they know how serious I am with the offensive line stuff," he said. "They know how good I am. I'm coming up."

    So humble [6].

    Banner interviewed at The Opening [YT: 7][YT: 8]:

    • Joshua Garnett, OL Puyallup (Puyallup, WA) has Auburn, Cal, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Washington as his leaders. Garnett's attention to detail, footwork, and versatility should be exactly Coach Michalczik is looking for:

      With so many tackles at the event, Garnett decided to move inside and get several reps at guard and he left many observers impressed. One of the calmest, nicest players off the field, he had a mean streak on the field and was like a brick wall. He's got the athleticism to play just about every position on the line and showed it during the event [9].

      (Zach) Banner and (Josh) Garnett are very intriguing to watch because they're always linked together. Although the two are friends, there's also a rivalry there, although neither player would admit it publicly. Will they up at the same school? It's possible but if it happens, it won't be because one player is following the other school but rather they both just happened to pick the same school on their own.

      Both Banner and Garnett have huge lists after recently cutting things down. Banner likes Alabama, Cal, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC and Washington. Garnett likes Auburn, Cal, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Washington [10]."

    • Leonte Carroo, WR Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) has Cal in his top 4 w/ Boston College, Rutgers, and Wisconsin [11]. Carroo will announce his commitment decision Aug 6th in front of his family.
    • Yuri Wright, CB Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) has Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Colorado, Rutgers, Cal, and Oregon as his Top 7. Georgia & Colorado will both receive official visits from Wright [12]:
      "With Cal and Oregon, I’ve always liked both programs," he said. "Bosco quarterback Stephen Levy works for MSG TV now and he went out there as a recruit a long time ago and he talks about how nice it is and I’ve always liked Oregon, there’s something about it. I’d like to get out west and see both schools if I can."
    • DeForest Bruckner, DE Punahou (Honolulu, HI) impressed @ Nike's The Opening Camp:
      It's hard to miss Buckner in the crowd since he's a full 6-foot-7. His slender frame and long reach combined with his quickness make him a real threat on the edge. One element that was surprising was his power. Buckner looked great both days of the lineman challenge and proved he belong at the event. Oregon, UCLA and Washington are three schools to watch for Buckner [13].
    • Luke Kaumatule, DE Punahou (Honolulu, HI) is planning an official visit to Cal:
      At 6-foot-7 Kaumatule was another one that was hard to miss. Kaumatule was a bit heftier than his close friend DeForest Buckner so the two were easy to separate. He certainly belonged however and on day one got the best of several of the lineman. On day two he seemed to be working in a few new moves and had a mixed result day. Kaumatule told me at the event he's leaning towards staying the Pac-12 with Stanford, Oregon, Cal and UCLA likely to get official visits [14].
    • Ellis McCarthy, DT Monrovia Counsel (Monrovia, CA) has Cal, USC, Oregon on top:

      McCarthy did not compete on day one due to a swollen ankle. On day two he wasn't sure how well he'd be able to compete. He dominated on day two. McCarthy flashed quickness and power off the ball all day long. Watching him and Sheldon Day line up almost automatically guaranteed the defense would win that rep on day two. McCarthy is the No. 28 ranked player on 247, and he earned every bit of that ranking on Saturday. Oregon, USC and Cal are on his short list for now [15].

      McCarthy ran the 40-yard dash in 5.11 seconds; posted a 4.77 second time in the agility shuttle; leapt 28.1 inches in the vertical jump; and had a 43-foot powerball toss.

      Those numbers landed McCarthy a 103.5 score according the camp's SPARQ rating, which according to the Star-News stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness and meant to give a number to a player's sport-specific athleticism.

      McCarthy’s score was the fourth highest among the 16 D-linemen who competed in the camp [16].

    • Aziz Shittu, DT Buhach (Atwater, CA) may be looking at Cal & USC for his top 2:

      Day one for Shittu was a day to forget by most accounts. He simply couldn't beat his man and was continually rode to the ground. However a new day on Saturday and he did a complete 180. In my recollection there were not many, if any, reps that Shittu lost and he was continually by his man. His recruitment will continue to be an enigma after backing away from Stanford. Cal and USC are two to watch for his commitment [17].

    • Pio Vatuvei, DE Patterson (Patterson, CA) has Cal leading but is waiting for his dream school USC to offer:
      At 6-foot-2 he was one of the shorter interior lineman competing. However Vatuvei used every square inch of his body in his reps. His footwork is off the charts quick and his intensity level is second to none. Vatuvei may not be the big name like some of the other lineman, but he played big at the opening. USC is his dream school while Cal currently leads since they have offered [18].
    • Jaydon Mickens, WR Dorsey (Los Angeles, CA) stood out at Nike's The Opening on offense. Mickens will be officially visiting Cal, SMU, Washington, Arizona State [19].
      Mickens almost looked as if he was on the JV compared to some of the players at the event but that didn't matter as he is a flat-out player. He turned in the play of the day Friday by zigging across the field several times and stopping on a dime. He's fast enough to pull away from just about anybody, and even if you think you're close to "tackling" him, he more often than not can scoot away [20].
    • KeiVarae Russell, RB Mariner (Everett, WA) may be a strong Washington lean [21]. Washington and Cal seem to have two of Russell's official visits [YT: 22]. Notre Dame will also receive Russelll and is in his top 3 [23].

      Academics is a major factor for Russell's decision, and Golden Commit Zach Kline of San Ramon Valley is targeting him:

      "KeiVarae Russell (Everett, Wash./Mariner) was the lone running back from the region and his recruitment will be very intriguing to watch. There are some who feel Washington will land Russell along with the other top in-state prospects and that's definitely a real possibility. Cal however is also doing very well with Russell and may even be the team to beat at this point. Notre Dame is another school in the mix and will definitely get an official visit and Russell will more than likely take most of his visits before making his decision [24].

      "Oh yeah I've been talking to KeiVarae all week because he's a heck of a running back," Kline said. "He can do it all in the backfield and frankly we need a running back like him at Cal [25]."


    • Kyle Murphy, OT San Clemente (San Clemente, CA) still has USC, Cal, Stanford, Oregon, and Florida as his leaders [26]. Nike's The Opening solidified Murphy's place as one of the leading offensive tackles in the 2012 class:

      San Clemente (CA) offensive tackle Kyle Murphy led the way for a very strong offensive line group. The five-star prospect was dominant early this offseason at the Nike Stanford Camp and he continued his impressive play in Oregon. The 6-7, 268-pound lineman has everything coaches look for in a tackle: size, good footwork and athleticism.

      Murphy, who has high interest in USC and Stanford, won the majority of his 1-on-1 matchups and was clearly the top tackle at the camp [27].

    • Cedric Dozier, ATH Lakes (Lakewood, WA) has Washington, Cal, Arizona State, Oregon State, Oregon, Colorado as his top 6 [YT: 28].

    • Kenny Walker, WR Kennedy (Richmond, CA) has Cal, Washington, Washington State, Boise State, and Colorado as his top 5 [29]. Golden Commit Zach Kline of San Ramon Valley is also targeting Walker.
    • Ishmael Adams, CB Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA) offered by Cal.
    • Aaron Porter, LB La Habra (La Habra, CA) verbally committed to UCLA [30].


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