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Golden Nuggets: Is Cal Off the Hook in the Willie Lyles Case?

Jon Wilner's recent discussions with Tedford and Sandy Barbour indicate that the NCAA has not sent a notice of inquiry regarding the Willie Lyles mess.  Oregon has not yet received an inquiry either, so Cal is not off scot-free yet.  Ted Miller examines the case to see if Cal fans have anything to worry about.

So what did Cal get? That's always been the question with Lyles, and it has yet to be answered. Does Lyles actually produce high quality recruiting material worth thousands of dollars, $25,000 in Oregon's case; $5,000 for Cal? 

Again, there's just a bit of murk here. Cal also received a “2010 National package."

The only document reviewed by the Mercury News thus far was sent from Lyles to Cal in 2009 and included contact information on prospects in the class of 2010.

Last week, Cal released (to the Merc and the Oregonian) an invoice from Lyles for $5,000, with a ship date of March 23, 2010.

Wilner notes that means Cal received 2010 recruiting information after signing day in February. But there's an explanation. 
According to a Cal official, the Bears paid Lyles for two classes worth of information.

They received game film, player reports and contact info on class of 2010 prospects during the fall of 2009, and they received player reports and contact info in the spring of 2010 on players in the class of 2011.

The date on the invoice (3/23/10), according to the Cal official, represented the date Lyles shipped reports and contact info on the class of ‘11.

“What he really should have done for the ship date,” the Cal official said, “was include a range, from Sept ‘09 to March ‘10.”

But Tedford said Cal used Lyles for "one year" (bolded above). 

While the NCAA apparently has seen what Lyles provided Cal -- and perhaps is satisfied with that material -- there's just enough sloppiness here to inspire a "hmm." 

After the jump Wilner discusses the Will Lyles situation with Tedford and Barbour, CGB talks about the Fresno State matchup with Red Wave Central, Faraudo checks in with the basketball team, and Alex Morgan scores a goal in the semifinal victory over France.


  • Faraudo checks in with the team, whose weekly practices begin in only one week.  Crabbe's broken nose is taking longer to heal than expected (he should return to action in about a month), Alex Rossi and Emerson Murray have yet to return from their injuries, and newcomers David Kravish and Christian Behrens have been impressive so far.