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Jeff Tedford, Sandy Barbour Discuss Willie Lyles: So Far, So Good

Well, here's some more information straight from our football and athletics heads of state. Jon Wilner reports on what Tedford was saying via the Twitter.

  • Jeff Tedford has only met Willie Lyles once at a group function, and says he wouldn't recognize him if he walked through the door. Contrast that with the Yahoo Sports-Chip Kelly report, which throws up all sorts of red flags.
  • Cal used Elite Scouting Services for Texas recruiting, switched to Lyles because it was cheaper (half the price), then moved on the year after that to another service that was more inclusive
  • The 2010 package had players from 2010. The Oregon package was not quite the case.
  • Athletics Director Sandy Barbour stated that the NCAA had inquired about documents relating to Lyles months ago, has not heard back, nor have they received a notice of inquiry, and Cal's scouting services should be fully compliant with NCAA rules and regulations.

This should hopefully diffuse the story as something that could harm the Cal football program. Lyles did not appear to steer players to Cal (as might be the case with Lache Seastrunk and Oregon) and appeared to just be giving the Bears straight recruiting info on Texas recruits. That information was probably not great info, and Cal decided to move on to another service that was better suited for Texas recruiting. Moreover, there were no irregular payments like the $25 thousand that Oregon is still struggling to justify.