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Langston Morris-Walker, SF, Berkeley: Cal Basketball Recruiting Target 2012

It doesn't get more local than Langston Morris-Walker. The kid balls only a mile away from Haas Pavilion at Berkeley High, and he's one of those wings that's loaded with upside.

At 6'5", 200 pounds, Morris-Walker can be an elite wing threat that gives the Bears much-needed strength in a position where they've currently lacked it, possibly our own version of Mbah a Moute. Athleticism has long been considered a weakness for Cal basketball, but Morris-Walker brings quite a bit of it in his highlight tape.

Langston Morris-Walker Junior Season Mixtape... Elite 2012 Wing (via Yayareasfinest2006)

Based on what you hear in interviews, it's starting to sound like Morris-Walker is the type of player that fits the profile of a Monty recruit too. An offer is likely on its way in the near future, particularly with Colorado, Utah and Washington State the only schools that have handed out offers up to this point.

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Morris-Walker's ability to explode to the rim gives him. Although he doesn't appear to stretch the floor much and his three point shot needs some development, those skills can develop over time when he comes into his own as a wing player. He showcased his abilities recently at the Rebook Break Out Challenge this past weekend.

A physical wing, Morris-Walker is solid in all aspects of the game and is able to produce without needing a lot of shots. He streaks to the rim in transition, can knock down mid-range jumpers with regularity and is better at creating for himself via the dribble than most people realize.

At least, those are among the types of things he's been able to show in Philadelphia.

"I've been showing coaches some of the things I can do and have been getting a chance to do stuff like play at the one and the two," Morris-Walker told "I know that I'm a two and a three in college, but it's a really good experience for me to try and break out."

He's also a versatile defender who can defend multiple positions. He described his game to Jim McGill of Bear Insider.

"I feel like at the next level, wherever I go, I'll be a two, but if I have to play the three, that's fine, too," said Morris-Walker. "As a two, I can bring the ball up and I'm a scorer. I can score in a number of different ways. Whether it's shooting a three or slashing and getting to the rack, those are all a part of my game. I feel like I'm a good passer and can get it to the post and hit the hot hand. At three, I feel like I can guard 1-4 and I'm a good rebounder. I can also take charges and I'm a hustle player."

I wouldn't say Morris-Walker is a Cal lean or anything even if he did currently have an offer, but the chances he'll have a favorable disposition to the Bears if he was given an offer are certainly up there.

Given that he's a regional kid who's been a follower of the Bears for years, this is one player I imagine Cal fans and the local East Bay community will quickly get behind. Whether we get the chance to see that will depend on how Monty views LMW and how he'll fit into the overall scope for Cal basketball.