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Jason Kidd NBA Finals Game 5 Open Thread

via <a href=";">Hakeem Mutombo</a>
via Hakeem Mutombo

This is it. Two more wins from a title. Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, the Dallas Mavericks pretty much need to win tonight at home to keep their hopes of an NBA championship alive. Otherwise, they must face the daunting task of winning Games 6 & 7 on the road in Miami. The Heat are battered and bruised, and LeBron James is almost sure to bounce back from his peculiar Game 4 performance. Dallas will have to find a way to scrape another game out.

Kidd has done a good job defending Dwyane Wade and James at various points in this series, but how much longer can he hold up against two of the best wing players the league has had to offer? His offensive game is wearing out, and the one day of rest he managed cannot possibly help his situation. Here's hoping he has anything left to make this a 3-2 Mavs lead going back to South Beach.