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Cal Softball World Series Run Ends Against Florida

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The Bears just could not get the timely hitting they desperately needed to advance. After missing out on a golden opportunity to take a huge early lead with bases loaded up 2-0 in the first inning, Cal's bats went silent the rest of the game, and Florida just get chopping and chopping until they had another five runs up on the board.

Jolene Henderson: 130 pitches. What a season.

It's a tough way for the season to end, but well, what can you do. It would've been tough to win four games with only one pitcher. The Bears ended up in Oklahoma City a year early, and it's hard to think of this season as anything BUT a resounding success. Hopefully with the sidelined Valerie Arioto returning next season and EVERYONE from this team returning, the Bears will be fit and ready to finish the job.


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PPS: Photos!