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Golden Nuggets: Florida Marlins' John Baker Gives Thanks to Cal's David Esquer

Florida Marlins catcher and Cal Alum John Baker penned another piece for Yahoo Sports.  In his latest article, he reflects on the lessons he learned under David Esquer's tutelage and gives thanks for the opportunity afforded to him by Coach Esquer. 

In 2001, we hadn't won a conference series against rival Stanford — using "rival" loosely — since 1993. But after taking the opening game, we came back to Evans Diamond for the second of a three-game set. Jason Dennis pitched a brilliant shutout, and we topped the Cardinal 4-0. For the first time in eight seasons, our team took a series from Stanford, a perennial national power.

In the first two games I went a combined 0 for 8. It definitely wasn't one of my best performances, but it didn't matter at all to me, because as the team gathered down the right-field line, I was having an epiphany. While it is fantastic to experience individual success, it is even better to accomplish something as a team.

The series win over Stanford nearly guaranteed us a spot at NCAA regionals, and in my view signaled the true arrival of Dave Esquer as a head coach.

And, because of how I had been coached at Cal, I truly cared more about the win than my stats. It was the best day/accolade/achievement of my college career. Winning that series was better than winning the conference batting title the next year, or being named first-team all-league. It was better than getting drafted by the majors, and it stirs the same sort of emotions from when I got called up to the big leagues. I have Dave Esquer to thank for that.

Cal players aren't concerned with their numbers, or if the scorekeeper gave them a hit or an error on the previous play. They look only at the bottom line, the final score. I know, because I played for Dave Esquer, the reigning National College Baseball Coach of the Year, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


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