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Golden Nuggets: Options for the Pac-12 Television Network

The Pac-12 should announce its television network deal sometime within the next six weeks (Pac-12 Media Day on July 26th would be an ideal time...). Jon Wilner examines the three options the conference is considering. See the link for more details on each model.

Model 1: Flip a channel.

In this scenario, the conference would partner with an existing programmer and flip (re-brand) an existing channel the way Discovery Health Channel became the Oprah Winfrey Network.

This model would eliminate distribution risk for the conference -- it would gain instant access to a channel that's already in 30-40 million homes, at minimum.
Model 2: Start from scratch.

This option would align the conference with an existing cable or satellite operator in the creation of a new channel, with distribution baked in [similar to the Comcast Sports networks].

Model 3: The future is now.

The Pac-12 would opt against the traditional subscription-TV model and become the first conference to create an internet-based network.

Instead of teaming up with Time Warner or Comcast, the league would align with Google or Apple.

Instead of turning on your television to watch the Pac-12 Network, you'd turn on your computer (or tablet or mobile phone).

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