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Golden Nuggets: Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott Continues to Shape the Future of the Conference

This week the Pac-10 will officially become the Pac-12.  Amid this great transformation, Larry Scott continues to work to improve the future of the conference.  Here are some tidbits of info from Jon Wilner's recent conversation with him.

* The Pac-12 Network details.

Scott expects to "lock into a partner" within 45 days, give or take.

(The process can’t stretch beyond the summer if the league hopes to have the TV and digital networks up and running for an Aug. 2012 launch, which would coincide with the start of the new TV deal with ESPN and Fox.)
* Playing football on Sundays

Scott and deputy commish Kevin Weiberg have long-scheduled meetings with the league’s athletic directors in early August. If there has been no resolution to the lockout at that point, Scott said, then the Pac-12 will begin substantive discussions about playing on Sundays.

"We’ll be ready to move quickly," he said.

* Future of the basketball tournaments

The conference is about to begin the bidding process among cities interested in hosting the men’s tournament, women’s tournament and/or both.

Scott said 8-10 cities "in our footprint" have expressed interest. Although he would not get specific, it’s probably safe to assume the group includes Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson and possibly Las Vegas.

After the jump the future looks bright for the baseball team and members of the track team shine at the USA Junior Track and Field Championships.


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