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Golden Nuggets: Baseball Season Comes to an End for the Bears

After several improbable comebacks this year, the Bears could not relive the magic last night against Virginia.  The Cavs pulled away after scoring four runs in the sixth inning to take a commanding 6-0 lead.

"The story of this ballgame isn't much different. Again, the University of Virginia is very well-coached, and they deserved to win," said head coach David Esquer, [whose] team finishes the season fifth in the nation. "They played a heck of a ballgame tonight, as they did the first time. They do so many things fundamentally well that they make it tough for you to beat [them], and you have to play an almost-flawless game, you've got be on your game, to be able to beat them, and tonight, we weren't."

Junior catcher Chadd Krist walked into the postgame press conference, his weary eyes red, his cheeks stained with the tracks of tears. No one could begrudge the bruised, battered backstop -- who has caught all but 10 defensive innings for Cal this season and taken more than his fair share of foul tips, thigh-stingers and 55-foot curveballs -- from showing the other side of the bounding, bouncing, bubbling humanity that his Bears have shown all season. For him, it's over. There is no next year.

"It was quiet. Our season's over," Krist said of the mood in the clubhouse, as he stood in the hallway, outside of the media room. "It's pretty much what you would expect. Coach came in, gave a good speech, just closing out the season. It was short, sweet, bittersweet and I think letting the dust settle a little bit, I think more emotions will come out a bit more, later. It's pretty much just quiet.

"It's just something special that comes to an end. Losing to the No. 1-seed, I mean, they're a tough team. We didn't really necessarily come out with our best stuff, so it was a rough game, but I'm definitely more upset that the season itself is coming to an end. It's something that not a lot of teams have. A lot of my best friends are on this team, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with everybody, trying to get back here next year."

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