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Cal Baseball vs. Texas A&M: College World Series Gamethread

Photo via gobears725 - Thanks!
Photo via gobears725 - Thanks!

Time: 11:00 am pacific time
Video Stream: ESPN3
Audio Stream: KALX radio
Radio: 90.7 FM, 960 AM

Texas A&M preview - Q&A with I Am The 12th Man

Weather permitting, it's once again do-or-die time for Cal baseball. Today's schedule in Omaha begins with the final three innings of Monday's suspended contest between Florida and Vanderbilt on the other side of the bracket. Unfortunately, there's a chance of rain all day, so be prepared for delays. We'll do our best to keep you informed as we get information.

Yesterday Coach Esquer announced that freshman lefty Kyle Porter will be starting against A&M ace Michael Wacha. Hopefully Porter can shut down his 2nd Big 12 team from Texas of the 2011 playoffs. No more previews or predictions from us - it's time to sit back and enjoy some baseball, hopefully not for the last time this year. Go Bears!