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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Porter is Confident That Cal Baseball Will Live to Fight Another Day

Tomorrow the Bears face elimination (again).  In place of the Bears' other southpaw, Justin Jones, Kyle Porter will take the mound against Texas A&M.  Despite the pressure of elimination and playing on a national stage, the freshman is surprisingly confident.

"I don't plan on going home (Tuesday)," Porter said.

A loss will end Cal's first CWS trip since 1992, when the Bears were two-and-done. A win will move them ahead in the losers' bracket, where they fell via Sunday's 4-1 opening loss to Virginia.

"Every player's goal is to get here, and we're here," Porter said. "To do it as a freshman is awesome. I want to go as far as we can here and I'm looking forward to coming back."

"He's been nails," shortstop Marcus Semien said of Porter. "I try at shortstop to get in his ear if he walks a guy or gives up a hit, just to let him know we're behind him and calm him down. It's going to be a big stage for him."

Added Cal closer Matt Flemer: "He's a bulldog. He's not going to give an inch, that's for sure. The way (left-hander Michael) Roth threw last night for South Carolina against Texas A&M, Porter will give them some of the same and his changeup will be pretty good against their righties."

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