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Cal Softball Can't Make Contact, Falls To Alabama


(via triceratopscowboy)

Here's the thing with softball. You have to hit the softball.

I'm not sure what the number of teams that have won with one hit and one walk, but the ones that do ... well, they end up in your "Softball Fun Facts" almanac you just bought on Amazon. Cute for history. Not so good for winning College World Series games.

It was pretty yeoman work from Jolene Henderson. But she can't do it alone.

Here's what Cal needs to improve from this game to next game.

  • Stop making pitchers throw first pitch/second pitch strikes. I don't know how this is possible by the laws of physics (even metaphysics), but it's got to happen.
  • Stop being shorter than your opponents. This just can't happen, this isn't Middle Earth. You can't kill giant spiders and catch up to corn dog eating changeup forces of nature like Kelsi Dunne.
  • Win. Winning is better than losing.

Cal's next game will be on Saturday at noon ET/9 AM PT against the loser of the Baylor-Oklahoma State game.

Get your coffee ready. For a standard recap of the game, head to SB Nation Bay Area.