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Golden Nuggets: Should Conferences Continue to Allow Oversigning? SEC Coaches Think So

Today we'll step outside the usual Cal news stream to take a look at an important issue the SEC is dealing with: oversigning.  Each year several schools (particularly in the SEC) sign more athletes than they have available scholarships.  This creates a predicament for the leftover students.  Those expecting to join the team might have to grayshirt and enroll the following year while some current team members might be squeezed out to create scholarship room.  SEC Presidents and Chancellors will meet Friday to discuss the issue and potentially offer some alternatives to prevent (or at least limit the impact of) oversigning.  SEC coaches preliminarily voted 12-0 in favor of preserving the practice of oversigning.

"As long as you’re up front and honest, there’s nothing wrong with it," Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said.

There were several proposals tied to the oversigning issue that were discussed this week, including the current practice of players being allowed to go on scholarship for the summer, then delay enrollment until January.

Another proposal would give the league office increased oversight on those players placed on medical scholarship. 
How much the coaches’ voices will be heard remains to be seen.

"I don’t know that it’s a competitive advantage. I don’t necessarily know that is accurate," said Auburn coach Gene Chizik, responding to those people who say the SEC is at a distinct advantage over other conferences that don’t allow oversigning.

"I just know it’s very difficult to try and hit a home run 100 percent of the time, signing 25 guys and expecting 25 guys to be on your campus for fall practice. I just think there is too much margin for error in there with all the variables that can happen with a student-athlete."

The problem isn't confined to the SEC.  These issues happen nationwide (go here to see some useful numbers related to the issue).  It's unclear how they will deal with this issue at Friday's meeting, but it's certainly an issue worth following.

After the jump the Cal Hall of Fame selects eight new members, Jolene Henderson continues her pitching dominance despite a stress fracture in her hip (!), and golf's Michael Weaver contends for the NCAA individual title.

The Cal Hall of Fame has selected eight members for the Class of 2011.  They will be inducted on November 11th and honored at halftime of the November 12th game against Oregon State.