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Cal Baseball vs. Dallas Baptist: Super Regional Game 2 Open Thread

Time: 7:00 pm PST
Video Stream: ESPN3
Audio Stream: KALX radio
Radio: 860 AM

After two rough outings against Baylor, it should be Erik Johnson on the mound with the opportunity to send Cal to Omaha.  Johnson started the playoffs with an ERA in the low twos, but has seen that number rise to 2.91 after the regionals.  He'll be pitching on 5 days rest, which will hopefully help him rediscover his dominating regular season form.  Here are coach Esquer's thoughts:

We're leaning towards Erik Johnson, who we think is rested enough. He pitched twice in the regionals. He started on Friday and again on Monday, so we felt like backing him up, at least one day, would be good for him. I think with a night-game, tomorrow night, feeds into what he has a little bit better.

Dallas Baptist counters with their own ace, Jared Stafford:

A senior right-handed pitcher and he's done an outstanding job for us this year. We feel really confident coming in to an elimination-type situation for us with him on the mound. He's a guy we love to have out there. He's really steady, he's consistent, he's unshakable and so no better guy to have out there than him right now.

Program history is there for the taking.  Go Bears!