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Interview with once and always California Golden Bear, Jarred Price

We've already talked with Cameron Jordan and Donovan Edwards.  Today, we are talking with once and always California Golden Bear Jarred Price!  Swing That Axe!

Jarred Price, born in Dallas, came to Berkeley via Blinn College as a 4 star recruit.  He left a lasting impression as a pass-rushing specialist with many thundering sacks.  He will also be remembered for his post-sack "Swing That Axe" dance.

We talked to him today about why he came to Cal, his transition to D1 football, and what his future holds.  We also looked into the differences between Coach Gregory and Coach Pendergast, a discussion topic for many of our readers.

We hope you enjoy the interview with Jarred Price.  We wish him nothing but the best with his opportunity with the CFL!  Hopefully, he'll also get a shot with the NFL, too!  After the jump, learn more about Jarred Price's time at Cal.  Enjoy!  Many thanks to Jarred Price for taking the time to answer these questions.  Go Bears!

1.  You put on a clinic in pass rushing against Nate Solder & Colorado. How did you feel about that game? Would you call it your signature game in your Cal career?

1.Yea, I would say so because that game really put my name out there. It also proved that I can play against the best and take down anybody you put in my way.  Although that's something I knew I could do I just had to prove it to others.

2.  What are your opinion of Coach Tedford & the rest  of the coaching staff? What can you tell us about what you've learned?

2.My opinion would be that Cal Bears have a great coach staff.  We as players just have to listen and take it all in. Now sometimes we all bump heads, but what player and coach don't?  I think that Coach Thompson was a great influential person in my life and still is and will always be.  To Coach Thompson, its not always about football.  He teaches you life lessons and for that I really do appreciate him as a person and as a coach.

3.  What is your funniest memory on and off the field?

3.  My funniest memory on the field would probably be against maryland when I sacked the quarterback.  They said he was sack by a midget.  lmao!  The funniest off the field would be just me chillen with all the fellas.  It's always a great time when we are around each other.

4.  What kind of adjustment did you have to make from JuCo to Cal?  Were there any difficulties?

4.  Yea I would say the biggest adjustment was that I had to realize that I wasn't the man anymore and i had to accept my role with the Cal Bears.  So, I would say just accepting my role and my playing time.

5.  As a senior, were you expected to be a leader on and off the field? What advice do you have for the next generation of Cal student athlete leaders?

5. Yea, I was expected to be one, because of me being a senior.  I had to step into that role.  I wasn't the best leader on and off the field, but at the same time I kept it real with all the players and coaches. If anybody needed anything, I would try my best to provide.

6.  Could you share your short term & long term plans after getting your degree?  How will you use your Cal experience to help you achieve your goals?

6. Well right now it looks like I will be getting a opportunity over in the CFL, but if something happens to me where I don't, well, then I will become either a police officer or a firefighter.  My mother is a Dallas police officer, so she really inspired me to do that.  I feel like my experience at Cal would allow me to help other people from different ethnicities out in the world.

7.  What interested you in coming to Berkeley from your JuCo?

7.  My main interest would be Coach Thompson.  I was looking for more than a coach and he fulfilled that role really well.  Also, I mean hey it's California. lol.  I just felt like I would fit in up here.  Sometimes I did regret coming because of the fact that I didn't play as much, but I think thats all a part of growing up.

8.  What will you miss the most from Berkeley gamedays?

8. One of the main things I will miss is how 110 guys all come together to play the sport we all love so much as well as the fan support and the rush that you get on game days.

9.  You played a year for Bob Gregory and a year for Clancy Pendergast: what would you say were the differences between those defenses?

9.  The difference between those two was that Coach Gregory was more passive, a wait and read type coach, while Coach P was a more aggressive style type defensive coach. I wish I could play another year in Coach P's defensive, it reminded me so much of Juco.

10.  What's the one game or play you'll remember most from your Cal experience?

10. What I will remember the most would be my first D1 collegiate sack against Maryland.

11.  We all loved to see you "swing the axe."  When and how did that start?

11.The axe started in Junior college and it just kind of stuck with me ever since. lol!  I love swinging the axe, because, as Cam Jordan says, I am a "big little guy."  So, when I swing the axe that means Jarred Price aka "Paul Bunyan the giant" has just made a play that most people my size can't make.  lol.  So, therefor, I swing the axe to let you know I am going to be chopping down these big offensive lineman all day long.

12.  Who was the toughest offensive lineman or TE that you played against?

12.  The toughest lineman I played against I would have to say no one.  I feel if I was able to get into a groove, I would have been in the backfield a lot more often.  I feel like the only person that can be me is me myself and I. lol.

13.  Who was the toughest running back you ever tried to tackle?

13. Well the toughest running back i want to say Jahvid, but he never practice that much and when he did you couldn't tackle him.  So, I would say NFL running back Bernard Scott for the Cincinnati Bengals. He went to the same juco as me.

14.  Were they any other positions you would like to play?

14. Yea, I always wanted to play safety or corner, I guess.  If I would have started out at a younger age playing those positions, I would probably have been better off considering my height is an issue to most coaches or so they say.  I actually see it as a advantage.  The sooner people realize that the sooner I will get a chance in the NFL.  lol.  Big step, yea I know, but anything is possible you just have to fall into the right situation and have that one person that's just willing to take a chance on you.