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Jason Kidd NBA Finals Open Thread: Dallas at Miami, Game 1

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Time: 6 PM PT/9 PM ET
Radio: ESPN Radio

For those who missed it, check out our three part look at Jason Kidd's career as a Golden Bear (Part I--freshman seasonPart II--sophomore season, Part III--overall legacy). Mike Prada at SB Nation does a good job in breaking down his professional career, check it out.

There are many great basketball players, but Jason Kidd is that rare gem--a great basketball player who you'd also LOVE playing basketball with. The man infects you with the disease of passing. The ball moves until his team finds the right shot, the best possible shot, the shot you love taking. It's a recipe for success at any level of hoops. 

Cal basketball. The New Jersey Nets. Team USA. The Dallas Mavericks. All of those teams experienced great success with Kidd running point, because his unselfishness rubbed off on his teammates. He'll try to do it again for the ultimate goal--an NBA Championship.

On offense, moving the ball will be his job. Finding Dirk Nowitzki will be his primary target, but he will also have to make sure the ball keeps on moving to beat Miami's active and aggressive (perhaps even overaggressive) defensive style. 

Kidd has had to defend players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook over the last month (and has acquitted himself admirably), and now has to go up against the two most gifted wing players in the game in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. If he can check them and slow them down in any way, shape or form, he'll have succeeded in his job. It'll be a difficult task, but this postseason has been full of them for Kidd, and he hasn't backed down yet.