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NCAA Baseball Tournament Selection Show Open Thread

When: 9:30 am PST

Our Bears are almost assuredly going to be playing baseball next weekend.  But a 4-10 record in their last 14 Pac-10 games, including a two game sweep (plus a rainout of a game they trailed badly) puts just the tiniest silver of doubt about Cal's at-large spot.

If Cal is indeed selected, the question will be where and against which other teams?  Because the Bears have struggled to end the season we Cal fans can't gripe if they are sent across the country or get matched against a top five team (or both).  But that doesn't mean we can't cross our fingers and hope to get lucky!

After the jump is a last second run down of a few playoff bracket projections and where they see Cal ending up

There are only two sites that have updated their projections based on this weekend's action, but the good news is that neither site lists Cal as one of their 'last five in.'  Perhaps my fears are just those of the irrationally nervous Cal fan?

ESPN:  Cal is a three seed in the Nashville regional against #3 overall seed Vanderbilt, Southern Miss and Belmont. Cal is the two seed in the College Station regional against #7 overall seed Texas A&M, LSU and Maine.