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Cal Baseball At Santa Clara Gamethread

When: 6:00 pm PST

The calm before the storm.  The eye of the hurricane.  Insert cliche here.  The #21 Bears take on Santa Clara tonight, but you could be forgiven for looking past this game.  It's easy to do when the #3 team in the nation is next on the schedule, followed by two ranked in-state rivals.  But hopefully the team itself isn't looking past the Broncos, who come into tonight's game with a record of 15-25.  To make matters worse, they've scuffled recently, losing 8 of their last 9.

Frequent mid-week starter Kevin Miller pitched 6 2/3 heroic innings in relief on Sunday and will almost assuredly be unavailable.  I'll put my money on Logan Scott getting the start, though we also might see Louis Lechich or Kyle Porter on the mound to start the game.  Go Bears!