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Cal Baseball vs. Stanford: Doubleheader Gamethread

When: 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm PST
Audio StreamKALX
Gametracker Game 1
Gametracker Game 2

If I were to write a headline describing yesterday's 3-2 Cal loss, it would probably be something like "Bears Outplay Stanford In Every Way, Lose."  Cal outhit Stanford 9-5.  Cal had 2 extra base hits while Stanford had none.  Stanford committed 2 errors, while Cal had none.  Cal pitchers recorded 13 total strike outs, Stanford managed just 3.  In 6 innings only three Stanford batters came to the plate.

And yet Cal lost, because Stanford managed to concentrate all of their rare singles and walks into two innings while Cal put base runners on and wasted them nearly every inning.  It continues a maddening trend in which Cal plays a good team even (or better than even) and still manages to lose.  We can only hope that the Bears have accumulated all kinds of positive karma for the post-season, or perhaps for today's regular season finale.

Today's early game features Justin Jones (7-5, 3.24) vs. Danny Sandbrink (3-1, 3.50).  The afternoon game will see Dixon Anderson (4-3, 4.04) take on Jordan Pries (4-5, 3.86).  This is Cal's last chance to impress the selection committee before the field is announced live on Monday morning.  Go Bears!