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Cal Baseball vs. Stanford: Friday Gamethread

When: 2:30 pm PST
Audio StreamKALX

It’s the last series of the regular season, and it’s at home against Stanford, just like it should be.  Pessimistic Cal baseball fans may have circled these dates on their calendar many months ago as the last hurrah of the program, but instead it’s the climax of what has been a reasonably successful regular season.

On Wednesday I talked about Cal’s playoff possibilities.  I don’t know how this weekend’s series might impact things, but a series win or even a sweep certainly wouldn’t hurt.  Erik Johnson (6-2, 1.94) is starting today and will look to conclude a truly stellar regular season with another dominating performance.  It might end up being his last start at home in his Cal career, as he is likely to be drafted as a junior within the first few rounds of the upcoming MLB draft.  Stanford counters with Mark Appel (4-6, 3.17).  Go Bears!