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CFL's BC Lions sign Golden Bear QB Kevin Riley!

Hot off the presses:

The BC Lions Football Club announced today that quarterback Kevin Riley along with import receivers Kierrie Johnson (pronounced Key-air), William Osborne and Jared Perry have signed with the team and will attend BC Lions rookie camp slated to begin in Kamloops, BC on Thursday, June 2nd.

This is what his bio page says:

Kevin continues to reside in California where he attended university as an American Studies major with an emphasis on Business and Marketing.

In his spare time, he enjoys visiting monuments and national parks on the west coast. Playing football since the age of 11, Kevin lists his entire family as his biggest fans and notes in-state wins over Stanford and UCLA in each of his four years at Cal as his lasting football memory to date.

He’s a big fan of Tom Petty and enjoys sitting down to episodes of It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia as well as Parks and Recreation. His choice of movies leans towards The Big Lebowski, Hook and The Boondock Saints while his top book is Moneyball.

Good luck, Kevin!  Go Lions and GO BEARS!