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Cal Men's Gymnastics Reinstated! Yes! But With Financial Restrictions. No!

Super Duper!  Sort Of!  Cal Men's Gymnastics Reinstated.  But they can't pay for anything just yet:

As a result of fundraising efforts that have raised in excess of $2.5 million, the men’s gymnastics program at the University of California, Berkeley, will be preserved as an Intercollegiate Athletics sport, campus officials announced today (Monday, May 2).

The total, though short of the $4 million necessary to fund the team’s current direct and indirect costs, will support  the program for at least 7-10 years in combination with steps to reduce annual operating expenses. Specifically, until the ultimate fundraising goal is met, men’s gymnastics will be limited in its ability to provide financial aid to future student-athletes. For the time being, scholarship commitments will be offered at present levels only to returning student-athletes, while athletic scholarship aid for new recruits, an essential element to sustain a program that has consistently ranked among the top five in the country, will be restricted until funding is in place.

Well, hopefully, the money keeps coming in.  It's great that Men's Gymnastics will continue, but without scholarships they might not be able to compete at an elite level.  To learn more about pledging, read here.  Many thanks to reader Nik Jam for bringing this to our attention!  GO BEARS!