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Q+A With New Orleans Saints Site Canal Street Chronicles About Cameron Jordan

Well, this happened.  Cameron Jordan to the Saints!  Getting jiggy with it alongside Will Smith on that 2009 Superbowl Winning DLine.  It's always great to see a California Golden Bear get drafted and receive a lot of hype and media attention.  In fact, the Saints website already has a Q+A up with Jordan:

Cal has produced some pretty highly productive defensive ends like Andre Carter, Chidi Ahanotu, and Duane Clemons through the last decade or so. What are your feelings about the legacy of following in their footsteps and have you spoken to any of them about making the transition from the Pac-10 to playing in the NFL?

"The guys that I have spoken to have had a great transition. If I play fast and play hard like I have been doing for the past couple years and I will be okay."

We here at CGB wish Cameron Jordan nothing but the best!  Yay!  We wanted to learn more about how the Saints will look to utilize Cameron Jordan's exceptional talent.  So, we went to the Saints experts here at SBNation, CanalStreetChronicles.  

They were kind enough to answer some our questions about Cameron Jordan's future.  It sounds like they are high on a player who they did not believe would be available at the 24th pick.  After the jump, their answers to our questions!  Many thanks to Canal Street Chronicles for answering the questions.  GO BEARS!

1.  Before the draft, did you believe that Cameron Jordan would fall to the Saints?

No way. Jordan was a top 10 talent and if he did fall, would have to get past Jacksonville, Chargers, Tampa Bay, and possibly Kansas City. Then on draft day, Jacksonville traded up and caused a QB run that allowed Jordan to fall. And just to further prove that Jordan falling was a shock, the Saints had him ranked 4th on their big board. As in, 4th out of ALL incoming college players. And we picked him at 24, amazing.

2.  What do you like most about this pick?

The draftek in me screams with joy over the pure value of getting a top 10 talent at 24. But the fan in me enjoys finally having a starting DE that isn't fresh off the Free Agency wire or isn't a few years past his prime. Jordan can actually be a starting DE by being both a pass rusher and a run stopper and not one or the other. Jordan combined with Sedrick Ellis, Shaun Rogers, and Will Smith (after his suspension has been served thanks to the Starcaps case) should provide the Saints with a good D-line heading into the 2011 season, should one exist.

3.  Can you tell us which position on the Defensive Line Cameron Jordan will play?

Based off reports, Left DE. However, as I mentioned, Will Smith has to serve his suspension for the Starcaps case for 4 games. That could signal a move to RDE for those games, making Cameron the Saints premier pass rusher for at least a month. The problem will be that he will have to cut his teeth against stronger left tackles rather than the more run blocking style of right tackles.

4.  Will Cameron Jordan get an opportunity to start next year?

So long as there is a season and he doesn't get an injury (knock on wood), expect Cameron lining up as a DE for the Saints.

5.  How much have you seen Cameron Jordan on TV before the draft? What are your thoughts on his game?

To be honest, absolutely none. As I said earlier, since he was a top 10 talent that most to all mocks had going picks before the Saints picked, I didn't bother studying much on him in favor of other DE like Clayborn and Kerrigan (both, incidentally, went before Jordan did). From what I'm hearing on him after the draft, I'm glad the whole world, myself included, didn't know a thing about him since he should be a stud DE.

6.  What needs did you think the Saints needed to address in this draft? After day 1 of the draft, how have the Saints done in addressing them?

My personal list included OLB, DE, RB, DT, OT, in that order. Thankfully, the Saints came through for Saints fans and had a really good draft with tons of steals like Jordan, Martez Wilson, and Greg Romeus.

Jordan fills the starting DE role the Saints so badly needed. While Romeus gives the Saints a really good situational pass rusher if he heals up properly. Wilson lets the Saints finally do something about the complete and utter lack of talent on the linebacking corps. Mark Ingram, who was my personal man crush heading into the draft, will let the Saints open up the offensive juggernaught that was the 2009 Saints offense back on the world with a more balanced attack. Johnny Patrick seemed like an odd pick at the time, but considering the pass happy nature of the modern NFL, 3-4 corners are almost always needed per game and the Saints have trouble keeping 3 corners for an entire season.

Overall, the Saints can get a Solid A for this draft class. They filled needs, but they also drafted BPA and got massive value while filling the few holes in the Two-Dat express.

7.  What grade would you give to the Saints organization for drafting Cameron Jordan #24 in the 1st round?

A. I love the pick. It has such incredible value, fills a huge need for the Saints, and gets one of the top 5 players in this draft class. It is such a good pick, and an A is well deserved here.
Why is Cam Jordan a good fit for the Saints?

One word- Versatility. Jordan was a 3-4 end at California, but also has the size and ability to play the 4-3 end without difficulty. This is the definition of a great player in a Gregg William's defense. Williams loves to go from a base 4-3 to a 3-4 to a 3-3-5 to a basic nickel package and back again on the same drive. So if a player can play in all of those packages, that greatly helps the Saints defense by having that great talent always out on the field creating havoc.

8.  What's Gregg Williams' defense philosophy and how will he utilize Cam's athleticism & versatility?

As I mentioned, Gregg Williams will love his versatility in his main goal- getting to the QB. Gregg Williams loves, no LOVES to blitz. It's to the point where blitzing is not only the norm but accepted by most Saints fans.

How does he plan to utilize him though? Probably at the end for both the 4-3 and any 3 linemen package. So just because the Saints play a 4-3 does not mean Cameron won't get to play in his college defensive formation anymore.

9.  What's the locker room atmosphere for the Saints? How will Cam's personality come into play?

Think New England lite. Payton has always wanted to be compared to Belichick and tries to run almost every thing he can like BB does in New England. Considering the winning legacy that Belichick has brought to the Patriots, I'd have to say that's a good thing that Payton wants to mirror him. However, if he shows up to games with a video camera, someone's going to have to step in.

From what I read, I saw that he was considered a good locker room person and was able to become a leader towards the end of his career at Cal. He'll fit in fine with the Saints locker room, so long as he doesn't go off and announce team secrets to the media.

10.  How do you project the Saints in the upcoming NFL season w/ Cam & other rookies in the mix?

Let me put it this way, I can easily see Breesus with another ring. The Saints added some of the best pieces in this draft to some of their biggest needs on defense. And then, brought in a bruiser back that has been missing since Deuce McAllister. Maybe I'm just a little too high on the Saints bandwagon right now, but I see this team as a Super bowl contender and they should be favorites.