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Golden Nuggets: Jeff Tedford Talks Quarterbacks in a Preview of the Cal-Fresno State Season Opener

Jeff Tedford and Pat " 'Stache" Hill met to discuss the season-opening matchup between Cal and Fresno State.  Quarterbacks were a big part of the discussion as Tedford talked about his decision to name Zach Maynard the starter this season.  Maynard will match up against Fresno State's newly appointed starting quarterback Derek Carr.

On the naming of Zach Maynard as the Bears' starting quarterback for 2011 and why the decision was made two weeks after spring ball

"I thought Zach did a great job through spring football. He grasped the offense very quickly. I thought physically he did a nice job and did a lot of nice things and brings an added dimension to our offense with the escape dimension that he brings and his athleticism. I felt it was very important for someone going into the summer to take that leadership role at quarterback, even though it's still going to be competitive. Even though we named him the starter, competition never ends and that will go on through the summer and in the fall camp. And as we get in fall camp and we have a chance to get back with the players again, we'll see how the summer went for them and then evaluate them every day through fall camp as well. But I felt like he deserved it, felt like he did a very nice job and I think it's important for him to be able to assume the reins of a leader, because he is new to the program, he's been there for one semester. So I want the team to rally around him as that leader and I'm sure they will. As I saw that progress through spring football, I could feel that every day and I thought he deserved the job."

On Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr and what he expects to see from the Bulldogs quarterback
"I know one thing having coached David, his brother. I know the passion that Derek has for football. When he was five years old or maybe even younger, when he was out on that field, he's grown up in a family of football, around a guy like David Carr, who's had a great career. So I know he has a great deal of passion for the game. He's a great competitor and he has a lot of skill. So it's going to be interesting going into this game because you're going to have two guys who are starting their first game against quality competition. I think Derek coming into our game is going to see a good defense and I'm positive that going into the game, Zach will also see a great defense from Fresno State, so it's going to be interesting for those two guys to start off their career. But after that game, I wish Derek nothing but the best. Obviously I love David Carr and their family, and Derek as well. They have a quality family, I've enjoyed my relationship with them over the years, and looking forward to seeing how his career progresses." 

After the jump Wilner has Cal at the top of his latest Pac-12 basketball projections, Tedford talks about playcalling, and women's water polo finishes second in the nation.


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