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Cal Football Post-Spring Depth Chart Released: Initial Reactions

Keep in mind that Jeff Tedford hates these depth charts, that he'll probably put out false information on occasion, and most of this will probably change up come fall time. It's all part of our grand experiment to conceal info from the enemies of Cal football. Or something.

You can view the PDF here. Here are the snap reactions.

  • Brock Mansion or Allan Bridgford is the second-string quarterback. Well, that's hardly conclusive for either guy. To be continued in the fall.
  • Coleman Edmond is listed as the fourth receiver on the two deep, meaning Kaelin Clay still has a bit of an uphill climb.
  • Mitchell Schwartz at 325 pounds at LT, Brian Schwenke at 311 pounds at LG. Whoa. Too bad the right side has about a 20-40 pound dropoff, unless 330+ pound Geoffrey Gibson overcomes 270 pound Justin Cheadle for the right guard spot).  If Gibson worked his way up, this would be one of our most imposing lines in years, at least weight wise.
  • Aaron Tipoti has bulked up to 311 pounds; Kendrick Payne continues to struggle putting on weight. Makes sense that's Tipoti is currently listed as the starter at nose tackle.
  • Ryan Davis is currently slotted in at the starter spot, but expect Cecil Whiteside to catch up and pass him in the fall. Walk-on Dan Camporeale is holding on to an OLB position on the two deep. Regardless if he stays on it, it's a pretty good story. 
  • Josh Hill is back at cornerback, although he'll be behind Marc Anthony and Steve Williams. Hill is probably no longer needed at the safety spot, where he lacked the closing speed to be effective. D.J. Campbell will move back to his preferred spot at safety, alongside Sean Cattouse.
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