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Cal Football Schedule: Arizona State Sun Devils, ESPN, Black Friday

ESPN has released its slate of 20 games of their games to be played on its family of networks, particularly the national telecasts. Two we already knew about--the consecutive week Thursday night football games in Autzen Stadium against the Oregon Ducks, and at home in AT&T Park against the USC Trojans. Both will be national telecasts with 6 PM PT local start times. We've received another additional broadcast: Our final regular season game against the Arizona St. Sun Devils will be broadcast on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) at 7:15 PM PT/10:15 PM ET (8:15 PM local time in Tempe).

This could be a blessing or a curse in disguise--ASU is generally not known as a football rowdy crowd, and if the team isn't that good next year and Dennis Erickson is on the hot seat as expected, then it could be a pretty subdued home field, even with the late home start. However, if they are good, and are in competition for the Pac-12 South title, then this could be a nightmare contest, since we will be coming off Big Game wounds and they'll be pumped up in a night-time atmosphere.

ABC/ESPN still has four more regional contests, but we're probably going to have to wait for the Fox Sports Net/FX/Versus games to be announced next month to see how many games Cal will be provided with a national telecast.

Discuss the Black Friday matchup in the comments. Do you like the short week to play this game?