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Golden Nuggets: NFL Lockout Presents A Challenge to Cal's Potential Free Agents

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The NFL lockout has complicated things for players who would ordinarily be signed immediately following the draft.  Jeremy Ross and Derrick Hill were hoping to be two of those players.

"At first, it was tough," [Jeremy Ross] said. "Not being drafted hurt a lot. But I see the upside too."

He obviously would eventually like to find a team that needs receiving depth. In the meantime he'll stay in Berkeley and train. He'll get his degree this month.

The status of some hopefuls is complicated. Cal quarterback Kevin Riley came back from a knee injury that ended his season in November to take part in Cal's pro day. The market for quarterbacks, though, is especially grim because they need months of studying a playbook to get ready for training camp.

"It's definitely a little frustrating," Riley said. "You don't know what to do besides work out."

He said the Canadian Football League's BC Lions have contacted him, and he's receptive. "The CFL looks like a fun game," he said. "It looks like a quarterback's game with a wider and longer field and 12 guys." CFL rookie camps open in the first week of June.

The important thing is to think positively," Cal nose tackle Derrick Hill said.

The Oakland native has graduated and might start working with inner-city youth, something he's done for years. But he heard that pro teams were interested in him. And his NFL dream is still alive.

After the jump ESPN wraps up coverage of spring practice and Faraudo looks ahead to an altered 2011-2012 Pac-12 basketball landscape.