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Cal v. USC Baseball Photo Essay 4.3.11

And we're back with more photos.  Lots of photos this week.  That is what happens when you go to an open practice on Saturday and a baseball game on Sunday.  That's why living around Berkeley is so awesome, there is always something going on.  

So, today, we are looking at photos from the Cal-USC baseball game on 4.3.11.  When I first got there, I asked the Save Cal Baseball people what was going on.  They said that things were looking positive and that the Chancellor had lowered the amount somewhat.  However, he wanted to have all the money clearly set out before reinstating the team, because of all the uncertainty around the budget cuts.  That is understandable.  The woman there made it seem more like a question of "when" than "if."  I sure hope so!


So, I entered Evans looking forward to a fun afternoon.  After a painfully rainy March, April was warm and sunny.  It was the perfect day for baseballl...if Cal won.  Let's learn more about the game after the jump.  GO BEARS!

The Cal pitcher, Dixon Anderson, looks to have great stats.  2.92 ERA.  But he got off to a rocky start.  USC, which doesn't have a great offense, scored 2 early runs.  Anderson seemed rocky early.  He ended up only going 4+ innings and giving up 4 ERs, IIRC.



However, the Cal offense sprung to life in the second inning:


USC helped Cal out when the 2B threw the ball away.  This helped score a run, tying the game at 2. 

Coach Esquer stalked back and forth by the dugout.  He seems to be making all the right moves these days.


Both teams were very aggressive on the basepaths.  There were several players who got thrown out stealing.






This was an interesting situation here.  In the 4th inning, USC got a runner to 3rd base.  Perhaps the USC coach believed that the Cal offense would overwhelm USC or what, I dunno, but they called a suicide squeeze.  The batter at home failed to make contact and the runner at 3rd was easily out in a pickle.








In the 5th, Anderson ran into problems and was eventually removed.

It was interesting, because I think a lot of the fans at the game are either related to current players, former players, or related to former players.  People would cheer on players by their first names.  "Way to go, Chad!"  "C'mon Dixon!" You don't do that unless you gave birth to them!  This is especially true since one of the player's moms won a raffle for two free Giants tickets run by Save Cal Baseball. 

USC ended up scoring 2 runs in the 5th, briefly going ahead.



However, in the bottom of the inning Cal had an offensive explosion, scoring 4 runs.  Cal got two guys on and then catcher Chadd Krist knocked a double down the line.





The USC team huddled hoping to resolve their problems.  They seemed to huddle a lot. Took f-o-r-e-v-e-r!


Didn't matter as Darrel Matthews hit a triple, scoring two more.


The team was psyched up.  I always love how excited the teams seem at college baseball.  Whenever something good happens, the team comes running out. 

When the pitcher tries to pick off a Cal runner, they run "back."  Of course, if the runner were to wait until he heard the word "back" and then went, it'd be more like "Well, it's time to move back towards the - OH GOD I'M OUT!"


Cal surges ahead!


The Cal offense wasn't done.  A few innings later Chadd Krist had a great at bat.  He fouled off about 5 or 6 pitches before cranking a solo shot.  Really doing a great job up there.  Darrel Matthews again was involve in the action as he scored on a double. 


Are we ever tired of seeing Cal players cross home plate? 

By now, it was a battle of the bullpens.  USC brought in this one pitcher who always stuck his butt out.





Please note that the bullpen is named after Stuart Gorden.  He is the name partner for Gorden & Rees, an international law firm founded about 35 years that I could never in a million years get a job at.  He played for Cal baseball decades ago and has been spearheading the funding effort.  I believe he gave $500,000.00 of his own money to the effort.


I forget which player this is, but I think it is Darrel Matthews.  He got on and USC wouldn't stop throwing over.  Over and over and over and over.


And over and over.


And over.


The inning really dragged on there, but I believe he ended up scoring and Cal had 3 runs in the 7th to make it 9-5.



This was an odd situation that I didn't quite catch.  It looked like Cal had turned a double play (although the guy at first was called safe).  The Cal 2B started running off the field and the ump ran over to stop him.  I didn't see exactly what was going on, but then Esquer came out to argue something.  Little unclear what was going on.

There was chirping all day.  When the USC 1B hit a homer earlier in the game, he showboated some.  What's that a USC player acting arrogantly?  You don't say!  Catcher Krist was displeased and apparently barked something at him.  Then, when Krist hit his homer later, he mockingly showboated.  The USC manager was out a few times, presumably to pay off the umps.  First, Reggie Bush and now this!




Cal's Matt Flemer came out to end the game in the 9th.  He was pounding the zone, but allowed a few guys on base.  He ended up giving a run, but got the outs.


Cal ended up winning.  You can see here:


The Cal team came out to celebrate.


Then, showing class, they shook hands with the USC team!


And that was another amazing day at Evans.  Beautiful day.  Great game.  Beating USC is always fun!  Go out and watch a baseball game sometime this year.  It might be the last time ever, although we sure hope not!  GO BEARS!