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Cal Baseball vs. Pacific Gamethread

When: 2:30 pm PST

No KALX for midweek day games, so you'll have to trot down to Evans or suffer through gamecast to follow this one.  As of Monday night both Cal and Pacific have not yet announced who will start today.  Kevin Miller is the usual midweek starting pitcher, but he also threw two innings in relief on Sunday against the Trojans.  I would guess that Miller could still go at least four or five innings without too much trouble, but Cal just might have enough pitching depth to go with somebody else.  Kyle Porter and Louie Lechich are the only other Cal pitchers outside of the regular rotation with starts this year, and Porter pitched in relief on Sunday as well.

Pacific comes into the game with an 8-16 record, and #13 Cal will look to jump all over a team that has been susceptible to occasional blowouts.  After only limited power displays, it was encouraging to see Devin Rodriguez and Chadd Krist both go deep against USC this past weekend.  And it would be huge if they can keep that momentum going against Pacific and on through the upcoming road trip to Arizona this weekend.  Go Bears!