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Golden Nuggets: Will Jeff Tedford's Touch Turn the Cal Offense to Gold?

Dr. Saturday discusses Tedford's transition from CEO-role to offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach

A huge, entirely appropriate share of the blame has fallen on the quarterbacks, ironic considering Tedford was once akin to the King Midas of quarterbacks: Going back to his days at offensive coordinator at Fresno State and Oregon, he had a hand in molding six first-round draft picks (Trent Dilfer, Akili Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers) from 1994-2004, and two others (A.J. Feeley and Billy Volek) who have lasted in the league for a solid decade. It hardly seems like a coincidence that his first bust at the position, Riley, coincided with Tedford intentionally taking a more hands-off approach.

Or so he hopes. In reality, the Bears were devoid of anyone who remotely resembled Jahvid Best or DeSean Jackson as a serious big-play threat, and lost the luxury of workhorse tailback Shane Vereen, who thought he'd get what he could in the draft before being asked to assume another 250-carry workload while the new QB's breaking in. There's some experience up front, but the general vibe is one of a fresh start — the kind of reboot that may only come once a decade or so. If Tedford makes it to 2012, he'll be the longest-tenured coach in Cal history. But his future — and maybe whether or not he even has one at Cal beyond 2012 — hinges on restoring some signs of life in year ten.

After the jump Bruce Feldman wonders if Tedford can recapture the magic from his first few years, JO continues reporting from spring practice, and rugby embarrasses UCLA 100-0.