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Chris Conte Still A Bear, Picked By Chicago In Third Round

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The amazing and meteoric rise of Chris Conte continues unabated. A year ago at this time we were wondering if he'd ever see the field as a Cal defensive back. Now he's a third round pick for the Chicago Bears. Pretty incredible if you ponder it awhile. Can he keep his upward trend?

Conte will probably find himself in a situation similar to his first few years at Cal where he's juggled around, but he can eventually carve a place into the rotation if he plays up to his potential. The Bears do have some secondary depth, so there's a possibility that his solid tackling skills could have him either at safety or cornerback. It's anyone's guess what their plans for Conte are, but he's in the league, and he's going to get his shot to produce at another stage. We're all definitely looking forward to see what he does.

For fans dropping by, here are some posts on Conte.

Cal fans, let fellow Bears fans know about Conte at Windy City Gridiron! GO BEARS!