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Cal Baseball vs. Oregon Friday Gamethread

When: 2:30 pm PST
Audio Stream: KALX

For those of you not absorbed in tracking the possible NFL destinations of former Cal footballers, here's your baseball gamethread.  It's Erik Johnson (5-1, 2.04) on the hill for Cal against Oregon's Tyler Anderson (6-1, 1.55).  Runs look to be in short supply with two spectacular pitchers set to start.  Cal's offense has been solid until slumping recently, and Anderson doesn't look like the best candidate to break out against.  But that's why they play the game!

The playoff push begins in earnest with just a few weeks left in the season.  The Bears appear to be safely in the field of 64, at least for the moment.  But with a four game losing streak and a mediocre RPI, Cal will really want to finish the season strong to feel secure and hopefully earn as solid a seed as possible.  Oregon is a bit of a playoff long shot, but they'll play all the harder knowing that their margin for error is smaller.  Go Bears!