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Golden Nuggets: Attention NFL Teams, Shane Vereen Awaits Your Call

Shane Vereen expects to be drafted sometime this weekend.  The big question is whether he'll be drafted this afternoon or sometime tomorrow.

Vereen -- who has been told to expect his name called anywhere from the start of the second round to the end of the third -- has reason to feel overlooked, but his humility and self control prevents him from making much of it.

Asked if 31 teams will definitely have a problem with him due to not drafting him [in the first round], Vereen simply laughed as if he just heard a good joke for the first time. "31 passed up? Yeah."

Unlike teammate Cameron Jordan, Vereen will spend the lead-up to his selection at home with immediate family. He'll begin the draft watching from the family couch, "but if it gets to be too much, I'll probably leave the house," said Vereen.

That should answer any question as to how big the draft is for Vereen. Excited? Nervous? You bet.

"I'm everything all in one," said Cal's third all-time rushing touchdown maker of what he's feeling going into the weekend.

"I'm nervous," continued Vereen. "I'm very excited. It's just a great experience and I'm extremely blessed to be going through it."

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