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Cal Football Update: Beau Sweeney Transfers, Likely To FCS School

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Jonathan Okanes reports that Beau Sweeney will be departing Cal and will look to transfer to a non-FBS school so that he won't have to sit out a year. 

We kind of all knew this was coming. Sweeney's career at Cal was pretty much done the moment he wasn't named one of the final starting three in the spring competition, even speculated to be as low as fifth on the depth chart. With Zach Maynard, Allan Bridgford, Austin Hinder and Kyle Boehm all in the mix for next season, Sweeney's chances at ever seeing another snap as a Golden Bear signal-caller were highly unlikely. 

Sweeney saw the field only a few times, but seemed to be tentative with throwing the football, instead opting to run for yards on way too many plays (and this was against UC Davis). He had unseated Brock Mansion as the second-string for at least a year, but he lost the spot quickly, and Mansion's subsequent struggles on the field made it unlikely Sweeney would be part of the future plans of the Bears offense. 

We wish Beau the best, and hope he can succeed elsewhere.

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