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Golden Nuggets: Ron Gould Talks About Cal's Running Back Situation

This spring the offense has not progressed as much as many of us would like.  Ron Gould recognizes that the running backs especially are not at the level they need to be.  With more practice, a pair of newcomers this fall, and several players returning from injury, the unit's issues should lessen this fall.

On the progress of the backs in spring camp:

"We have a good group of guys and a lot guys need more reps. We don’t have a reps during the day for all those guys. We have to improve every day. The light bulb will come on a little bit later than others. We’ve been fortunate in the past to have guys come in who are talented but also mentally able to adapt to everything we are throwing at them. Right now, it’s just taking a little bit longer. It’s not a big deal at all. We just have to keep working. We’re not where we need to be."

On playing at a higher level:

"There is a level of expectation that we have here and right now we’re not at that level. They understand that. The key is just to continue to work. Let the game come to you. Make sure that you understand what’s going on."

On Trajuan Briggs:

"Trajuan Briggs came in and was hurt all last year. It’s taking some time for him to get acclimated to what we do at Cal. That’s been tough."

On Dasarte Yarnway:

"We are anticipating getting Dasarte back and be ready by training camp. He has tremendous balance, great skill level for a big guy and he’s light on his feet. The biggest thing is getting him used to contact and get caught up that way. But he’s done a fabulous job of staying in tune with what’s going on and I’m proud of him."

After the jump Lindsay Gottlieb re-joins Cal as a head coach, ESPN continues to mock the draft, and Daily Cal hands out its best of spring awards.

Daily Cal hands out its best of spring awards.  Winners include Nathan Adrian, Allen Crabbe, and baseball's reinstatement.