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REPORT: Evidence That Linsday Gottlieb Will Be Next Cal Women's Basketball Head Coach? (UPDATE: It's Official)

Update:  According to David Seawright and the CalBearBlog, the hiring is official:

Former assistant Lindsay Gottlieb has accepted the women's basketball head coaching position at , leaving the same job at .

Interesting news coming down the pike here on the search to replace Joanne Boyle.  From Toledo On The Move:

In this day of social media, leave it to a twitter account to break the news.

According to BGSU women's basketball coach Curt Miller's tweet today, he did not get the Cal coaching job.

@CurtMillerBGWbb:  "Congratulations to Lindsay (Gottlieb at Cal) and Yvonne (Sanchez at New Mexico)...two great coaches and even better people...wish you all the best building your programs."

The address has been confirmed to be Miller's.

After two interviews at New Mexico last week, Miller did not get the Lobos job.  Assistant coach Yvonne Sanchez was promoted to the head coaching position.

Here is a link to the Tweet quoted above.  Toledo On The Move indicates that this Tweet means Lindsay Gottlieb will be hired at Cal.  This is because Miller interviewed at both Cal and New Mexico, but is seen congratulating the other people who did get the jobs.  It is a little confusing, however.  The article also indicates that Cal has not made a formal decision, but that something will be announced in the "near future."  We will update this post when more information becomes available.