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Remembering The Seniors: Jeremy Ross

BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13:  Jeremy Ross #3 of the California Golden Bears jumps over Cliff Harris #13 of the Oregon Ducks at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13: Jeremy Ross #3 of the California Golden Bears jumps over Cliff Harris #13 of the Oregon Ducks at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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We are looking back at some of the contributions of players leaving the Cal football team.  We've looked at Cameron JordanKevin RileyMike MohamedShane Vereen, Chris Conte, and now Jeremy Ross.]

TwistNHook:  Mr. Leapsalot!  Who could forget all his awesome leaping!  

What are your memories of Jeremy Ross???

LeonPowe:  His "cribs" episode. Big big plays on end arounds and punt returns.  The hurdling, oh the hurdling, but the biggest memory I have of J Ross was him moving 6 WSU defenders 6 yards to pick up a crucial 1st down in the 2010 season. Gonna miss that guy.

TwistNHook:  Who could forget when he dragged half of the WSU team for that key first down in the 2010 WSU game??

Solarise:  Jeremy Ross has had many epic moments in Twitter history. His shopping mall & stalking Coach Gould episodes were quite memorable. 

On the field, I'll remember JRoss as a wide receiver in a running back's body. He inexplicably dropped some real catchable passes from Riley in 2009 that really frustrated me as a fan. Coaches chalked it up to his lack of concentration/focus if I recall correctly. Senior year Ross fulfilled his potential as a reliable option in the passing scheme and further defined himself in the return game. I'm going to miss all the hurdles & theatrics. Looking forward to having JRoss entertain us thru Twitter at the next level.

NorCalNick:  Rarely have I gotten the chance to interact with a football player personally beyond a 'thanks for the autograph' at fanfest.  So it was really exciting for me to have the chance (albiet briefly) to have an actual conversation with Jeremy and his family.  I was impressed with how  cognizant he was about Cal's football history, and how honored he was to receive an award that had a connection back to the days of Andy Smith and Pappy Waldorf.  And the Ross familiy are good people.
On the field, I'll remember JRoss as a player who seemed to make every touch count.  He didn't get a ton of catches or designed handoffs, but when he did they all seemed memorable.  Every catch seemed to be a 3rd down conversion, every end around turned into a big game, every punt return involved a hurdle of some sort.

TwistNHook:  He was a truly explosive player.  Something exciting always seemed to be happening whenever he touched the ball.

Kodiak:  "A running back in a WR's body" is a pretty good description.  He was an amazing athlete who seemed like he still had a high ceiling with regards to learning his craft.  I was impressed how he put the inconsistency of his junior year behind him and really became one of our more clutch players as a senior.  It's really unfortunate that his season was cut short due to injury.  I'm also going to be forever curious what might have been had he benefited from a proven position coach like Kiesau during his Cal career.

Because he's a bit of a physical freak, I see him sticking in the league as a special teamer.  Whether he gets a shot as a returner or a receiver depends on landing with the right team and whether he continues to develop his hands and route-running.

atomsareenough:  You guys pretty much have it covered. By far the most memorable and awesome JRoss play was the 3rd-and-20 against the Cougs, but he was always plenty of fun to watch. He was a highly entertaining player, seems to have all the physical tools, has a great personality and seems to be pretty grounded. Just an all-around good guy, and I think he'll represent Cal well in the NFL. As Kodiak says, he might have to break in as a role player, but I can see him sticking somewhere, kinda like how Verran Tucker made his way onto the Chiefs roster. Best of luck to him!

OhioBearI will have two enduring memories of Jeremy Ross: (1) the 3rd and 20 play at Washington State last year and (2) his high hurdling ability.  Ross always struck me as a gifted athlete, but one whose hands weren't always dependable (at least as a receiver).  As a punt returner, though, he was dependable as far as catching the ball went and had that spark where you thought maybe he'd take one to the house.   If anything, I'm surprised he didn't return more punts for TDs. 

TwistNHook:  Where do you see Jeremy Ross' career taking him after Cal?

OhioBear: Undrafted free agent.  I really don't see him making an NFL roster, but I wouldn't be shocked if he did, given his physical talent.