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Golden Nuggets: Tedford Hopes to Narrow the Cal Quarterback Competition to One This Week

With one week remaining in the spring practice schedule, Tedford hopes to name a starter for the summer session by the end of the week.  The frontrunners are Zach Maynard and Allan Bridgford and although Maynard has been getting most of the first-team snaps, Tedford says that is to give the newbie more experience with the offense.

Junior quarterback Zach Maynard continued to run with the ones, as he has for the last several practices, and Tedford said that there may be a tentative pecking order at the signal-caller slot by the end of spring.

"I think we may, I think we may," Tedford said. "I think in the middle of next week. We'll continue to evaluate, but every day there's more clarity."

Maynard's time with the first unit has been mainly for him to soak up as much of the offense as he can as fast as possible.

"It's for him to get some reps with the ones, and to give him more reps where he's more used to the offense, and that's because he's the new guy," Tedford said.

Also on hand were some players who could easily fill in some of the team's weaknesses this spring.

"It's always good to see guys like that out here," Tedford said. "Jahvid (Best) has been here working out, Alex, it's always great to see those guys come back. Alex has been here for a week, now, comes out to practice every day and the guys get inspired by that. Makes me cry a little bit: how bad would I like to have him? It's great to see those guys, and it's nice when they get a chance to come back."

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