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Cal Baseball vs. Arizona State Thursday Gamethread

When: 2:30 pm PST
Audio Stream: KALX

The climax of the regular season begins today.  #15 Cal has 19 games left on their schedule, and at least 13 of those games are against certain playoff participants.  The different between a good season and a great one depends on how Cal plays.  They'll try to start on the right foot with Erik Johnson (5-1, 2.05) on the mound.  Johnson will have to deal with the threats of a stacked lineup full of regulars with power, high batting averages, or both. 

The #9 Sun Devils will counter with their own ace, Brady Rodgers (5-2, 2.92).  Rodgers doesn't strike out many batters, but he makes up for it with truly stunning control for a collegiate pitcher.  Over 40 innings he's allowed just one walk.  Cal has been patient all year, but they're almost certainly going to have to put the ball in play today.  Go Bears!