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Cal Football 2011 Spring Practice @ Laney 4.2.11 Open Thread

Today is the first open Spring Practice of 2011.  Originally scheduled from 1-3:30, Bear Insider is now reporting that it is now from 10:45 AM - 1 PM.  Hope that ain't no April Fools.  I really hope I don't get there at 10:45 and Moraga Bear jumps out and goes "APRIL FOOLS!"  I guess that wouldn't make much sense since Moraga Bear would also have to get there early to laugh at all us idiots.

Either way,we'll be tweeting back information from the practice, which you can follow at our Twitter account.  If you are at the practice, you can comment in this thread using your cell phone.  I'm not entirely certain how to do it as I have the free phone you get when you renew your contract.  I figure that if you have a smart phone that means you must be smart enough to figure it out.  They don't just hand out those smart phones to anybody!  Hope to see your thoughts, questions, and comments in the comments!  And don't hesitate to @goldenblogs us on Twitter if you have any questions.   GO BEARS!