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NCAA Tournament Final Four Open Thread

VCU-Butler.  A Final Four Matchup or the answer to the question "Which two teams have you never heard of before 2010?"

Kentucky-UConn.  Two college basketball blue bloods.  

In the finals, there will be one upstart, one national darling, and one blue blood, instantly turned evil villain just like last year's Duke team.  In many ways, Kentucky and UConn have their own stories of underdoggedness to tell.  But the simple truth is no matter how many times UConn wins 45 games in 4 days or whatever it takes to win the Big East tourney this year, it will never be the plucky underdog.  Nor will Kentucky.  

We find out today who will play for All The Tostitos in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship on Monday.  Follow me, my friends, after the jump for a complete schedule.  LET'S DO THIS THING!

Saturday April 2, 2011
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
6:09 pm VCU #11 Butler #8 CBS    
8:49 pm Kentucky #4 Connecticut #3 CBS