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Interview with California Golden Bear, Cameron Jordan

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With the NFL Draft upcoming, we've been talking a lot about Cameron Jordan.  We remembered the great memories he brought us on the football field.  We took a closer look at Cameron Jordan following in the footsteps of Tyson Alualu.    And we aren't alone.  Everybody is talking about Cameron Jordan's rise to the top of the NFL Draft.  Sports Illustrated just had this great article about him:

Every year before the draft, players are picked apart and dissected, questioned, interviewed, X-rayed and tested again. Jordan has welcomed every test. In fact, he's encouraged it. At the Senior Bowl, he worked at end and linebacker. At the combine, when one NFL executive tried to catch Jordan off-guard by asking, "Are you a dog or a cat?" ... Jordan didn't blink. He answered, "I'm a dog. I chase things."

At Cal's pro day, he did drills as a 3-4 end, a 4-3 end, a linebacker and inside backer, then kiddingly offered to do defensive back drills.

"I feel I have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about, so it's never bothered me that you go through so much before the draft," Jordan said. "If they need to X-ray something, go ahead and do it. If they need to ask me a question, ask it. I legitimately have nothing to hide. If being [a mature person] helps me in the draft, I'm grateful for it. I know I work hard."

So, everybody is busy talking about Cameron Jordan.  Well, today, it's time to talk to Cameron Jordan.  We reached out to him to see if he'd like to tell his Golden Bear fans more about his life at Cal and his future.  He instantly agreed and was incredibly selfless with his time.  After the jump, check out his answers to our questions.  Many, many, many thanks to Cameron Jordan who is assuredly busy with all his pre-draft preparations.  For him to take time out of that busy schedule to answer all these questions means a lot to us.  He is quickly becoming one of our favorite Golden Bears of all time.  


1. What kind of advice has your dad given you about what it takes to make it in the NFL?

My dad always tells me about the dividends of hard work. Put in the work now so come game time you'll be ready. It's something I added while training out in Phoenix, it's like a bank deposit the work now so you can withdraw the work when you need it.

2. Who was the toughest offensive lineman you faced in the Pac-10?

Tyron Smith, Tackle, out of USC.  It's because of his athletic ability.  He was probably the quickest tackle I've faced to date. He was only light in the pants which made it easier to deal with him.

3. What was your most memorable hit on someone as a college player?

Probably tackling the 'Lil fella at Oregon State, Jacquizz Rogers, my sophomore year.  I took on the tackle and tight end, split them and pulled him down with maybe three fingers.

4. What was the funniest off the field story of your Cal career?

There's been so many funny moments on the field as well as off that it's too hard to say which one was the funniest... One day me and a few teammates went around the city calling our boys out of their places so we could pelt them with water balloons.  We teamed up with a few girls, so that it wouldn't be obvious that we were setting people up.  It was hilarious to see them come out and start running barefooted.

5. You are such an affable guy. How do manage your intensity and turn it on and off the field?

It's quite direct really, theres really only the change of how I'm having fun.  I'm always energetic, so it's easy to maintain that on the field. I go from being happy to be around my friends to having fun hitting them.

6. Who has had the most impact of your life so far and how has this person shape you into the person you are today?

My mother and my father. Clearly I was a momma's boy when I was young and she def shaped who I have become and then my father as of late because of all the experience he can relate to what I was/am/will be going through.

7. What are your career goals at the NFL and how has Cal prepared you to achieve your goals?

I will make it to a few pro-bowls and I will be a terror in the backfield.  CAL gave me Coach Lupoi, who has been the greatest coach I've had and has helped develop techniques that come natural to me as well as introduce new techniques and do it in a way the players gravitate to want to learn them.

8. Please tell us one teammate who has impressed you the most and what you have learned from him.

Tyson Alualu.  I emulated my game after him when I came in.  After being around him for three years it really makes hard work become a part of life, over something you have to learn.

9. Tosh Lupoi took over the defensive line coaching job from a much more experienced coach and is generally viewed as one of the most successful assistant coaches out there. What did Tosh do to achieve this success, despite his inexperience?

Coach Lupoi knows everyone learns differently and he is creative and wise enough to adapt anything he wants to teach us, individually catering to the beat way a player learns.

10. Who is a young guy on Cal's defensive line that we should be on the lookout for in the future to follow you and Tyson?

Deandre Coleman is a behemoth.  He has two years left and he will be a monster.   Gabe King will be a redshirt freshman this year and has a lot to live up to with the Cal d-line legacy, but he has the tools to be great. The cal d-line has been great since before Coach Lupoi was playing at Cal. Roll on you bears!!!

11. They say a defensive linemen needs three successful moves. What's your best go-to move, your best counter move, and your best finishing move?

Hahahaha just three? Go-to move. My chop, club, swim. Counter? Outside chop inside spin. And my best finisher? I might have to keep that to myself lol that'd be telling you everything.

12. What's your favorite pass rush technique?

Most likely would be the chop, club, swim.  I've had it since high school.  It's natural to me.

13. What was your favorite play you were involved with at Cal?

The last game of this past year, I scored a touchdown against the University of Washington.

14. What's your favorite part of the Berkeley college experience outside of football?

What don't I love about Berkeley?  The Golden Bear Cafe used to be my favorite spot between classes.  The Bears Lair? Memorial Glade, The Asian Ghetto, I stayed at Steve's Korean BBQ.

15. A defensive linemen needs to keep those calories up. What's your favorite go-to meal after practice?

Go to Steve's Korean bbq and get a Grilled chicken with three eggs on top of it and with the sprouts and Kim-chi. Explosion of flavor and deliciousness. That or Gordo's for a burrito or down on Telegraph for some sushi. I love sushi been eating it since I was little.

16. You're a Legal Studies major and seem to be really big on your classes. Any professors you recommend to the incoming Berkeley student?

Professor Shapiro, or Professor Perry, if you're willing to come to class and take good notes.  You're going to learn to be a college student.  Not a whole lot of busy work like weekly homework like high school, but research papers you have to sit down and think about what topic to focus on and not just given prompts. Let the creativity begin!

17. What originally interested you in going to Cal for football?

The city actually. My dad loved Berkeley for academics.  I loved Berkeley for the city, for how nice the people and weather is.  I like SF being close to Berkeley and Oakland as well.  I didn't know anything about the Albany bowl, which is a hidden gem, but I loved the surroundings and the situation that when I came in there were tree huggers everywhere. Then I loved the team as well, from the coaching staff to the players to the mess hall and equipment guys shout out to Ed, moose, and big Norm.

18. What is the average day like for a Cal defensive lineman during the fall?

During the fall, wake up 6, hop into the car, ride to the stadium for meetings at 630, then practice, then breakfast, then class, after class back to meetings for wrap-up about the practice, then mandatory study hall hours, then dinner, then  you get home round 8-9 to finish homework or try to have a social life.  It's a tough schedule, but that's why we're student-athletes.  We chose this lifestyle and I'm a product of it. Go Bears!



Many thanks to Cameron Jordan!  Good luck with the draft this year!  GO BEARS!